key thinkers


  • rosaria glasco-cain
    rosaria cain
    ceo and media director
    “rewards go to the bold.”
    After working in media for more than 20 years, Rosaria founded the agency in 1999 with an intimate knowledge of media. A savvy negotiator, she secures killer deals for knoodle’s clients. Rosaria is also an avid runner and has completed 10 marathons. She sets a pace that few can match, whether in the office or on the pavement. She also reminds clients and staff alike that marketing is a marathon, not a sprint; plan and brand for the long-term.


  • scott cain
    scott cain
    chief financial officer & partner
    “i hunt stupid.”
    With an MBA and more than 30 years of experience in senior management for major corporations, Scott brings valuable vision and business sense to knoodle. This combination has been advantageous for our clients. When he isn’t hard at work, he enjoys traveling and sports cars. Scott also serves as CEO of his own health care management company and brings that perspective to our team. It’s the quiet ones you have to watch out for.


  • matthew wilson
    matthew wilson
    partner / vp of creative
    “change your thoughts and you change your world.”
    In college, Matthew started out studying illustration. But in his senior year, he discovered a passion for the creative side of advertising. So he put together a portfolio and landed his first job in the industry. He started out as an Art Director and worked up through the ranks at several agencies in Phoenix. Matthew’s great design sense and command of a Mac has won him several Addy awards, including this year’s Art Director of the Year. At some point along the way, he started wearing a tie and now manages the creative department so you could say he’s half creative half suit. Sounds dangerous, but he loves it.


  • barry kluger
    barry kluger
    managing director, knoodle pr
    “I asked what time it was, not how the watch was made.”
    Barry brings more than 30 years of corporate communications and pr experience to knoodle after executive stints at MTV Networks, Prodigy and USA Networks in New York. He started his own public relations firm in 1998, serving the media, technology, real estate, legal, government, sports, healthcare and retail sectors. He has written more than 200 columns for The Arizona Republic and has served as Chairman of The Governor's Film and Television Commission under two governors and co-chaired the Scottsdale Mayor's Television Commission. Among his charitable efforts, he is President of The MISS Foundation. On joining knoodle, Barry says: "I was looking to find a home and this must be the place." His  loves are his two dogs, Latke and Farfel and his wife, Hope, though not necessarily in that order.


  • bleu
    “man is a dog's best friend.”
    Bleau was born third in a litter of other adorable puppies. However, he quickly rose through the ranks and finished up as top dog in his class. He is now in graduate school, seeking an MBA in obedience. He loves dog food and sneaking leftovers from client meetings when nobody is looking. He also falls for freshly discarded wrappers.

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